The Important Facts About Fluoride Ion Selective Electrode

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A fluoride ion selective electrode is a particular type of electrode which works on the ion concentration of fluoride, i.e., this electrode has its sensitivity towards fluoride ions. There are various kinds of such electrode, but the most common and well-known one is the lanthanum fluoride electrode. Basically, these kinds of electrode have their sensing elements in the crystal form, like — lanthanum fluoride.

These crystals are a very good conductor of ionic channels, and this is because of the jumping of fluoride ions from the normal state to the lattice vacancies. An electrochemical cell is used for this reason to separate the solution of two fluorides. Basically, such kind of electrodes and used to calculate the number of fluoride ions present in a solution. This fluoride ion selective electrode comes with little equipments and they are not tough to use as well. However, while using the electrodes, you must keep an eye on the electrode terminals, and if any kind of white crystals (crystals of potassium chloride) formed, then you must rinse the electrode well before starting the process again. A standard fluoride solution will help you to count the number of fluoride ions in it easily with the help of such an electrode.

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