Handheld Photometers For Laboratory Readings

HI 83211

HI 83211 – $724.00

Photometers the instruments that use the intensity of light of solutions or surfaces deliver accurate readings. They also used optical characteristics of solutions or surfaces for the same. The different product range of handheld photometer are for laboratories, for aqua culture, for boiler and cooling towers, for environmental testing, for industrial wastewater testing, water conditioning, for educational activities, paper mills, chemical manufacturing, power plants, for green houses, pools and spas, environmental analysis and much more.

Handheld photometers also come handy in your houses for the use in the cameras and for determining sensitivity of the house pools. There are different websites that has come up with these instruments in the market and one can go in for the right one by checking on your use and that can fit your budget. The handle of this device work as a support and also allows to the tilt the display panel for convenient view and reading of the sample. handheld photometer readings are accurate and easy to handle and required much for the latest industries for a wide range of applications. The best ones will last long and will prove to deliver you with best results.

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Checker®Multiparameter Photometer for Aquaculture

HI 83203 – Multiparameter Photometer

There are various types of photometers available in the market as per the requirements of people. But, are you searching for a portable and light weight photometer for your laboratory? Then Handheld photometer is the best available device for you. It is a compact and easy to use device with small integrating sphere that collects all the light waves and produce the best result to you. It efficiently measures luminous flux from various type of sources such as LED’s, lamps etc.

Handheld Photometers compete with all other photometers and performs multiple tasks as performed by them. They have effective battery system which makes it run for various hours without causing any interruption in your work. The most important feature of this device is their versatility which makes them popular in the world. The readings made by the machines can be easily read by any person as the main motive of this machine is to offer user friendly environment to people so that they can obtain maximum benefit out of it.

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Handheld Photometer

Hanna Instruments is a leading manufacturer of analytical instruments in the world. The company has its network in around 43 countries. It offers 3000 products to the customers. And Handheld Photometer is one of its products.

The company has strong experience in its products and all the products are in compliance with CE directives and ISO 9001 certified. The company satisfies your need of Handheld Photometer with different specifications. They are:

  • Portable Single Parameter Photometers
  • Portable Multiparameter Photometers
  • Benchtop Photometers

Let me introduce the products one by one. They all are of their own importance and specifications. It’s up to the requirement and usage.

HI 83213

HI 83213

Portable Single Parameter Photometers:

Under this category you can have a lot of options for buying photometers as per your requirements. HI 96712 Aluminum Portable Photometer. This product is made of aluminum as the metal is the third most abundant element in Earth’s crust.

HI 96700 Ammonia, Low Range Portable Photometer is an instrument for measuring the ammonia-nitrogen content in water samples. Hanna Instruments has taken care in respect of quality. Because a single miss calculation of the measurement can destroy the tests.

We understand the importance of minute different while investigating the tests. And that is why Hanna Instruments is one of the best options for you to buy the photometers. As the years have gone, we have confirmed our place in the industry.

HI 83215HI 83215

Portable Multiparameter Photometers:

Calcium and Magnesium Portable Photometer (HI 96752) is used for measuring two important parameters in agriculture and hydroponic applications. With this portable instrument you can have a low cost test.

While Chlorine Free Portable Photometer (HI96701) is used every day. It measures safe drinking water. Water is the natural source. Now a day, it is very much important to test water to purify. This test can be done with Chlorine Free Potable Photometer.

Color of water Portable Photometer (HI 96727) has made color testing very easy. It not only tests color but also odor, taste from our sensory system.

Bench Photometers:


HI 83226

Multiparameter Photometer for Pools and Spas (HI 83226) is real gem in today’s world where everyone likes to go to swimming pools and also visits spas for rejuvenating. Through this product, you can have safe water. And the visitors can enjoy swimming without any risk.

HI 83215

HI 83215

Nutrient Analysis Photometer for Greenhouses and Hydroponics (HI 83215) is a helping hand for environment. In the polluted atmosphere it is difficult to think about planting and gardening. However, this device is made up thinking this and you can enjoy gardening with right amount of nutrients.

HI 83206

HI 83206

Multiparameter Photometer for Environment Testing (HI 83206) can monitor difficult environmental parameters. Dissolved oxygen, PH, Nitrite, ammonia, Phosphorus and other critical environmental conditions can be taken care of through this device.


HI 83209

HI 83209

Multiparameter Photometer for Education (HI 83209) uses twenty methods in education. Also, it has four channels for testing a wide range of tests.

At last, I would say that Hanna Instrument is one of the specialists in making Handheld Photometer. Through this the company has owned its niche.

Buy Handheld Photometer Products online at http://www.hannaenv.com/photometers-c-13.html contact us via its physical location – Diamond Systems Instruments US Inc., at: 55 East Broad Street, Titusville, Florida 32796 or call 321-223-7500 Email us – contact@hannaenv.com