Conductivity or TDS Meters The Dedicated Single Parameter Instruments


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Conductivity meters or TDS meters provides its customers dedicated multiparameter and single parameter instruments that can support about eight parameters including resistivity and salinity. Electrical conductivity is determined by the ability of the solution to conduct a particular electric current. TDS or total dissolved solids are calculated by the amount of solids that gets dissolved in a particular kind of solution.

The way conductivity meters or TDS meters work is very simple. Two electrodes with AC voltage are placed in the solution to be tested. And a current is created as a result of this depending on the conductive character of the solution. The meter will read this current precisely and displays it in the form of ppm or conductivity. Procuring a conductivity meter or TDS meter is relatively simple with the wide range of meters available in the market. There are different companies who are into creating these conductivity or TDS meters. And the calculations are based on a mathematical formula which is very simple to follow. Get best result with ideal meters from renowned company.

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