How does the Fluoride Ion Selective Electrode work? is an authorised representative, distributor and reseller of high –quality instruments for clinical and research analysis, environmental monitoring and quality instrumentation. One of the products it manufactures is the Fluoride Ion Selective Electrode. It is used to gauge the concentration of fluoride in waste-water. The laser type crystal and a doped crystal, both of which are lanthanum ones are the important elements of the electrode.

How it tests samples

Ion Selective Electrodes

Hannaenv provides you with high-performance, combination or single half-cells electrodes. They have a sensing surface that is solid. It is composed either of solid crystalline material or compressed silver halides. Fluoride solutions produce a potential in the lanthanum fluoride crystal and are used in varying concentrations, Fluoride Ion Selective Electrode is a sensor or a transducer. One end of the electrode is brought into contact with the sample while the other end connects to the referencing solution. It is responsible for the conversion of the activity of any specific ion that has been dissolved in a solution, into an electric-potential. This can then be measured by a pH meter or a voltmeter.

When you opt for Hannaenv electrodes you know that they will be of the highest quality, durable, reliable and light. There are available online at

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