Fluoride Ion Selective Electrode for the Determination of Fluoride Ion

Fluoride Ion selective electrode is mainly used for determining the concentration of Fluoride in water and plants. The popularity of these electrodes is growing more and more and they are made use in variety of related applications. The solid state electrodes are generally available either as single half cells or as a combination of several electrodes. There are different kinds of sensors available in the market for determining bromide, cupric, cyanide, and chloride, cadmium, and fluoride, silver and lead ions.

Specifications of fluoride Ion selective electrode

Ion Selective Electrodes

Ion Selective Electrodes

The fluoride Ion Selective electrode has a mono-crystalline solid state membrane. These electrodes are mainly designed for detecting fluoride ions in the acqeous solutions and are suitable for both applications on the field as well as in the laboratory. The results obtained using these electrodes are accurate and hence made use in almost all the labs. The latest equipments or electrodes available in the market enable calculations or determinations right at the field than taking it in the laboratory. Electrode calculations are very critical for day to day applications and with ideal equipments you get ideal and accurate calculations. Visit Hannaenv.com to get the best.

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