Fluoride Ion selective electrode for accurate measuring

Fluoride ion selective electrode is the kind of ion selective electrode that is sensitive to the fluoride ion concentration. An ion selective electrode is actually a sensor that converts the acidity of a specific ion into a certain voltage which is measured used ion meters. There are many kinds of fluoride ion selective electrodes available in the market for accurate results. These electrodes are popular for they are inexpensive, the measurements remain unaffected by turbility or colour of the sample given, pre-treatment of the sample is simple, wide usage and option for real time measurements that can get easily automated.


The Fluoride ion selective electrode is used in varied industries but generally used in food and agricultural, environmental, research as well as clinical applications and also in power plants. The examples where they are mainly used is to test content of fluoride in drinking water, Calcium contents in the beer, Nitrate levels in the plants, calcium in the case of dental studies, chloride levels in the food products that are canned. It is easy to take care of these equipments and they last long providing accurate and desired results. For more information about the fluoride ion selective electrodes you can visit the website of http://www.hannaenv.com where they have clearly mentioned about these equipments in detail.

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