Easy To Use Ph Meters Providing Accurate Results


Unique designing
Ph meters designed with advanced technology have entered the market with which you can now measure the hardness of storm water accurately and in short time in the most cost effective way. The benchtop Ph meter is easy to operate and its unique features include automatic calibration and temperature compensation. You will be able note the readings on a stability indicator, when calibration is being done and with the advantage of a measurement memory recall function, this Ph meter has a cutting edge over all other models in the market.
Tip: Unique features of this Ph meter make it the most useful when measuring the hardness of water.
Accuracy guaranteed


The hanna Ph meter enables the effect of temperature to be compensated either automatically or manually while Ph measurements are being done. Featured with an easy to read LCD, which displays both degree centigrade and primary reading, this Ph meter provides accurate results with precisely measured titration. The compact design and compatible features make it the most demanding Ph meter when it comes to calibration of hard water. Available in the wide range of Ph meters are the convenient basic benchtop Ph meter, waterproof Ph meter that are portable, extended range portable Ph meter and other models with innovative features.
Tip: The Ph meter provides accurate results with innovative features
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Summary: After long years of research a range of Ph meters have been launched which are designed with unique features to provide you with accurate results while calibrating the hardness of water.

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Fluoride Ion Selective Electrode: The best solution

Drinking-water resources should be totally free of fluoride because of its bad affects on people. One way to make sure this is to avoid pollution of rivers by wastewater containing fluoride and remove it during wastewater therapy with the fluoride ion selective electrode. Here we shall discuss how to identify fluoride.

Evaluation of the Fluoride Ion Selective Electrode

Ion Selective Electrodes

The ion selective electrode is an ion particular electrode used to evaluate the focus of wastewater fluoride. The lanthanum gems of fluoride in wastewater, which is both the doped one crystal and is also a laser device kind that is perfect, is an essential factor that starts to generate the fluoride electrode. Fluoride alternatives are used to generate a prospective across the lanthanum fluoride in a consistent manner. The alternatives are used in different levels, for this objective. One end of the desired crystal is introduced touching the testing remedy, and in the other end with the referencing remedy. The cell can be seen and observed during that time of the Fluoride Ion Selective Electrode.

Summary: The Fluoride Ion Selective Electrode is used mainly to evaluate the action of the f ions, and not the fluoride focus of the remedy. The action of the Ion Selective Electrode in the alternatives relies on various aspects. These are the complete ionic durability, the fluoride complex varieties, the pH and finally, the remedy itself.

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Laboratory Colorimeter with digital hands

Lab Colorimeter, which is also known by the name digital colorimeter, is a gizmo which is used to compute the total absorbance of lights wavelengths at a specific frequency (color) by any sample provided. Those colorimeters which are of digital quality are extensively used across various job functional areas including, clinical diagnostics, environmental analysis, medicinal analysis, as well as in biochemistry. In a specific sense, portable colorimeter is even be used for different geographical onsite environmental exploration also. Alike spectrophotometers, lab colorimeters are put in to usage to find out the absorption of an accepted solute in a given sample in the view of the fact that the concentration of the provided solute is comparative to its provided permeability. The wavelength strainer which is put to make maximum usage off; is significant as the transmitted light out of the colorimeter ought to be perfectly similar to that which is being engrossed by the same given sample.

Colorimeter Usage

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Chemical Strips – The Simple Way For Chemical Analysis

The chemical test strips are now the simplest way to conduct a chemical analysis. The results that these test strips provide are accurate. The wide range of multi and single parameter chemical test strips includes checker disc, titration, colorimetric and turbidimetric methods. There are different types of test kits like lab marine science education test kits, lab soil quality educational test kit, lab water quality educational test kit, environmental monitoring test kits and much more. These test kits are available in the market and you can get the one as per your requirement and budget.

Backpack Chemical test strips

Backpack Lab Marine Science Education Test Kits

Backpack Lab Marine Science Education Test Kits

The modern day chemical test strips come with backpack which is designed to have all the necessary test kit components together in one place that can help in reducing the chance of missing any one of the item present. These chemical test strips are designed to offer a complete unit for the upcoming students who are new in the field of testing and to get accurate details. The materials that come with the test kits can easily get fit into the backpack provided. For more information on chemical test strips you can always log on to the website of www.hannaenv.com.

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How does the Fluoride Ion Selective Electrode work?

Hannaenv.com is an authorised representative, distributor and reseller of high –quality instruments for clinical and research analysis, environmental monitoring and quality instrumentation. One of the products it manufactures is the Fluoride Ion Selective Electrode. It is used to gauge the concentration of fluoride in waste-water. The laser type crystal and a doped crystal, both of which are lanthanum ones are the important elements of the electrode.

How it tests samples

Ion Selective Electrodes

Hannaenv provides you with high-performance, combination or single half-cells electrodes. They have a sensing surface that is solid. It is composed either of solid crystalline material or compressed silver halides. Fluoride solutions produce a potential in the lanthanum fluoride crystal and are used in varying concentrations, Fluoride Ion Selective Electrode is a sensor or a transducer. One end of the electrode is brought into contact with the sample while the other end connects to the referencing solution. It is responsible for the conversion of the activity of any specific ion that has been dissolved in a solution, into an electric-potential. This can then be measured by a pH meter or a voltmeter.

When you opt for Hannaenv electrodes you know that they will be of the highest quality, durable, reliable and light. There are available online at hannaenv.com

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Fluoride Ion selective electrode is mainly used for determining the concentration of Fluoride in water and plants. The popularity of these electrodes is growing more and more and they are made use in variety of related applications. The solid state electrodes are generally available either as single half cells or as a combination of several electrodes. There are different kinds of sensors available in the market for determining bromide, cupric, cyanide, and chloride, cadmium, and fluoride, silver and lead ions.

Specifications of fluoride Ion selective electrode

Ion Selective Electrodes

Ion Selective Electrodes

The fluoride Ion Selective electrode has a mono-crystalline solid state membrane. These electrodes are mainly designed for detecting fluoride ions in the acqeous solutions and are suitable for both applications on the field as well as in the laboratory. The results obtained using these electrodes are accurate and hence made use in almost all the labs. The latest equipments or electrodes available in the market enable calculations or determinations right at the field than taking it in the laboratory. Electrode calculations are very critical for day to day applications and with ideal equipments you get ideal and accurate calculations. Visit Hannaenv.com to get the best.

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Fluoride Ion selective electrode for accurate measuring

Fluoride ion selective electrode is the kind of ion selective electrode that is sensitive to the fluoride ion concentration. An ion selective electrode is actually a sensor that converts the acidity of a specific ion into a certain voltage which is measured used ion meters. There are many kinds of fluoride ion selective electrodes available in the market for accurate results. These electrodes are popular for they are inexpensive, the measurements remain unaffected by turbility or colour of the sample given, pre-treatment of the sample is simple, wide usage and option for real time measurements that can get easily automated.


The Fluoride ion selective electrode is used in varied industries but generally used in food and agricultural, environmental, research as well as clinical applications and also in power plants. The examples where they are mainly used is to test content of fluoride in drinking water, Calcium contents in the beer, Nitrate levels in the plants, calcium in the case of dental studies, chloride levels in the food products that are canned. It is easy to take care of these equipments and they last long providing accurate and desired results. For more information about the fluoride ion selective electrodes you can visit the website of http://www.hannaenv.com where they have clearly mentioned about these equipments in detail.

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